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CFC Conference

On Nov 2-4, all our Calvary Churches will gather for a weekend of growing, connecting, and worshiping Christ as a family of churches. This is for EVERYONE and will mark the first time our churches have gathered all together! Click on the image to sign up. If you are interested in hosting visiting Calvary members and/or registering, visit here.

Fall Festival

It’s time to celebrate the annual Fall Festival on Oct 20th! This will be a great time to connect with friends and neighbors while eating good food and playing fun games. If you’ve ever been to the Fall Festival, you know it is a large undertaking that we cannot do without lots and lots of volunteers and of course, candy. We will need help with food, games, and set up and tear down. We are also collecting candy in the office every week leading up to this event. Click here to volunteer!

7th – 12th Grade Girls Retreat

Getting away from the usual distractions of life through a retreat in the mountains is one of the best ways to get our students connected with each other and the Lord. We will be discussing true beauty in God’s eyes. This retreat is for 7th to 12th grader girls and the cost is $100/student. Click here for the registration link!