The Calvary Institute (CI) exists to help passionate, joyful believers grow deeply in the knowledge of life and godliness.

God has made promises to his people. We have been granted all things that pertain to life and godliness. We’ve become a partaker of the divine nature. But there’s a warning. It’s possible for us to be an ineffective, unfruitful Christians even in light of what God has done. What’s the alternative? We grow. We grow in virtue, knowledge, steadfastness and love. This is why The Calvary Institute exists.

We believe that there is always more to know about God and his Word. But it’s not just a head knowledge that we’re after. It’s a knowledge that gets to the heart, a knowledge that produces the fruit of the Spirit in your life. As you grow to know God more deeply, you will see him more clearly. You will worship Him rightly. You will worship Him passionately. Growth takes time. It takes practice. It takes diligence.

To this end, Christians have been called – to abide in his Word and to love his truth. So we invite you to grow with us, that we might know him more deeply and worship him more passionately.

The goal of the CI is to produce disciples at Calvary who have knowledge about the story of the Bible, Christian doctrine, and practical life. Upon completion of CI, students will receive a certificate.

The expectation is that the CI will develop future elders, deacons, DNA leaders, Kids Ministry teachers, church planters and re-planters for the Calvary family of churches.

We offer 10-week Sunday morning and occasional weeknight seminars that focus on a specific topic in life or scripture.   The Calvary Institute is designed to dig deep into theological and Biblical truth as we grow as disciples of Jesus. Be sure to check our church calendar of events to find out when the next Calvary Institute will be meeting.

For general questions about upcoming or current classes, contact Ben Haley at