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Join us at the beginning of each study or jump in whenever you can. Each group is open to join at anytime. 

Monday Women's Study of Jeremiah

Led by Twila Carlson and Alethea Wingert

Join us at Calvary church for a study through Jeremiah. Our group begins Sept 16th at 6:30PM. This study is a chance to see the goodness and faithfulness of God even in the midst of suffering. The book for this study is $10.

Tuesday Morning Men's Study of Colossians

Led by David Groat

Starting Sept 3rd men of Calvary are studying through Colossians. We are meeting at Solid Grounds at 7AM. This will be a great time to join in fellowship and dive deeper into God's Word and the salvation Jesus provided us.

Tuesday Evening Men's Study of Galatians

Led by Charlie Blanks

Starting Sept 17th men of Calvary will be meeting at the Blank's home to study Galatians. Join us at 6:30PM to learn more about our freedom in Christ and the power of the Spirit. Get to know other men and study the Word together.
More info is available with registration. 

Thursday Women's Study or 1 Timothy

Led by Sarah Stockton

Meet other women at Calvary as we study 1 Timothy on Thursday mornings at 9:30AM. We will meet beginning Sept 12th in the youth room. Learn what it means to pursue godliness in your focus, heart attitudes, and behavior. 

Sunday Women's Study of 1 Timothy

Led by Candis Gaerte

Meet other women at Calvary as we study 1 Timothy on Sunday mornings at 10AM. We will meet at Calvary church starting Sept 8th. Learn what it means to pursue godliness in your focus, heart attitudes, and behavior. The book for this study is $10.

Meet the leaders

Twila Carlson

Monday Bible Study
Twila has been at Calvary Englewood since late 2012, and has been involved in Women’s Ministry at Calvary since 2013.  She loves the scriptures and has a passion to see women at Calvary grow deeper in their knowledge of our Triune God.  She expresses it this way, “There is nothing more that I want than to KNOW Him, and to be a conduit for that hunger to others!”  Twila has been married to Vince for 29 years, and has been an environmental consultant for 23 years.  She loves nature photography, her basset hound, and off-roading to out of the way spots in the mountains.

Alethea Wingert

Monday Bible Study
Alethea is a homeschooling mama of two girls.  She has been married to Doug for 20 years.  She is passionate about learning and sharing how to study God's Word.  She has been involved with Bible studies for well over 20 years.  Her favorite season is fall, She loves chocolate- but not dark, only milk.  She knows she is a broken woman who struggles knowing that God truly loves her and can use her despite all her mess ups, but she is learning to trust that because of Jesus and His incredible grace!

Sarah Stockton

Thursday Bible Study
Sarah has attended Calvary since moving to Colorado from California in 2013.  She plays bass in the worship band, and has been involved in various Women's Bible Studies for about 15 years.  Sarah is a homeschooling mom of 2 and has been married for 11 years.  She survives on a steady diet of coffee and Jesus!

Candis Gaerte

Sunday Bible Study
Candis Gaerte is a wife and mother of two. She was born and raised in Oregon, but has proudly called Colorado home for 15 years. She has been a Christian for 20 years and a member of Calvary for 5, and looks forward to studying God’s Word with Calvary ladies.

David Groat

Tuesday Morning Bible Study
David is a guy leaning on the grace of God.  A sinner pursuing the things the God loves.  A student of His Word; drawn to the details, seeking understanding.  An encourager, organizer, a husband and father. David & Alice have been at Calvary for 5 years. They are both “foodies” who enjoy cooking and sharing this pleasure with others.  Faith, learning, quality relationships, and the opportunity to pursue things deeply are core values.  And he cycles.  He cycles a lot.

Charlie Blanks

Tuesday Evening Bible Study
Charlie Blanks lives in Jefferson County with his wonderful wife of 45 years.  They have three married sons and nine grandchildren including one granddaughter and eight grandsons.  He is an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College.  When not working at LBC, he volunteers at the Mission Hills church food bank by driving a truck, gathering donations from grocery stores, and distributing food to those in need in Littleton, CO.  He enjoys disk golf and fishing, especially fly fishing. He has taught men’s Bible studies for over 25 years and strives to pass on the Christian faith to the next generation.