Community is part of the life of every Christian.  When Jesus saves his people, he saves us into a new family, his family, the Church.  We are meant to love, encourage, and support one another, as we grow together. Yet, because there are so many people and we can be in a rush, it’s sometimes hard to build those relationships on a Sunday morning.

Hence Community Groups, which are a place to build friendships and share life as we connect in community and walk with the Lord together. From singles to families to retirees, Community Groups are for people in all stages of life—they are for you. Groups are geographically-based, multigenerational, and meet throughout the semester to share meals, share our lives, pray for one another, and live on mission together.

Contact with any questions. Use the map at the bottom of the page to see general group locations.

Groat Group

Third Wednesdays • 6–8pm
Begins Jan 18

This group will meet once per month for a potluck style meal and some great discussion time. This is an awesome option for those living in Littleton, near Aspen Grove.

Bowland Group

Second Sundays • 3–5pm
Begins Feb 12

This group will meet on the second Sunday each month for a potluck style meal and praying together. This is a great option for those living further south.

Skatula Group

Wednesdays • 6-7:30 • Mar 1, Mar 29, Apr 26
This group will meet once a month for potluck style dinners and prayer together. Whether you’re brand new to the church or have been here for a long time, we hope you join us!

Stidham Group
(Highlands Ranch)

Wednesdays, Bi-weekly • 5–6:30pm
Begins Jan 25

All are welcome! We hope that this is another great option for families with kids who need to get to bed early. We’ll do potluck style meals followed by prayer time.

Corrigan Group
(Highlands Ranch)

Mondays, Bi-weekly • 5:30–7pm • Begins Feb 6
A great option for families with kids who need to get to bed a little earlier! Those without kids are welcome too! Our focus will be to build community with each other by simply being together to share a potluck meal and pray for each other.

Wolgemuth Group
(Highlands Ranch)

This group is a great option for those looking to meet in Highlands Ranch. They’ll meet every other Tuesday starting Feb 7. Each meeting will consist of a meal together, then some intentional discussion time. Join us!

Lozano Group

Thursdays, Bi-weekly • 6:30–8:30pm
Begins Jan 19
This group is a great option for folks who live north of Calvary. This will be a “Bring Your Own Meal” group, so feel free to bring your own takeout or leftovers to each meeting. We’ll meet every other Thursday to share life together, pray for each other, and have some discussion time. Join us!

Van Dusen Group
(Castle Rock)

Details Coming Soon!
This group is a great option for those looking for a group on Sunday evenings. All ages are welcome. We have kids ranging in age from 5 to 16. This group will share a potluck style meal, pray, discuss scripture, and “do life together.” We would love for you to join us every other Sunday this spring!

Find a Community Group

Use our map to find a Community Group near you! We do not provide the exact locations, just general areas. If you want to sign up for a group or find out exactly where the group is located, click on the link below.