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Why Discipleship Nights?

Discipleship Nights exist to fulfill our core commitment to Grow To Know God Deeply. What does it mean to “know” God? Classes can often fill our minds with information about God, but knowing about Him is not the same as truly knowing Him.

Therefore, Discipleship Nights are not meant simply to help us grow to know about God. Knowing God means experiencing deep and real relationship with Him. His character, His attributes, and how He has created the world to function cannot simply stay in our minds but must flow into our hearts. Knowing God leads us into consistent worship of Him and causes us to view others with a desire to serve rather than to be served. Growing hearts to know God deeply is what we’re after here.

How Does it Work?

Discipleship Nights will consist of lectures, times of group discussion and Q&A, through systematic theology, on Wednesday nights, 6-8p. Meant to sync with Community Groups, we will meet bi-weekly for 7 nights in the fall semester and 7 weeks in the spring semester. The course will use "Bible Doctrine," by Wayne Grudem as the main text, or his condensed "Christian Beliefs" as an alternate. Below you’ll find our topic schedule, the dates of our meetings, and the flow of the night that you can expect each time.

Who Should Come?

Everyone! This class is meant for anyone who wants to grow in their faith and knowledge of God and the scriptures. As Christians, that is something we should always be desiring and striving for. This will benefit you regardless of previous training. The course will be accessible to kids as young as 13 years old.
Sep 8  
  • What is systematic theology?
  • What is the Bible? pt1
Sep 22  
  • What is the Bible? pt 2
  • What is God like? pt 1
Oct 6     
  • What is God like? pt 2
  • What is the Trinity?
Oct 20
  • What is creation?
  • What are angels, satan, and demons?
Nov 3    
  • What is man? pt 1
  • What is man? pt 2
Nov 17
  • What is sin?
  • Who is Christ? pt 1
Dec 8  
  • Who is Christ? pt 2
  • Q&A and wrap up
Class Meeting Structure
6:05-6:35 - session 1
6:35-6:50 - group discussion 1
6:50-6:55 - break
6:55-7:25 - session 2
7:25-7:40 - group discussion 2
7:40-8:00 - Q&A
Books & Materials
Note: This course will also be live-streamed for those unable to attend in person. You can access the livestream here. You can watch the recorded classes here.

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