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Davison Family with
Leadership International

Leadership International exists to equip Christ-like leaders for God's mission. They provide extensive classroom-based Biblical leadership training for Christian leaders in Africa and Asia. They also invest in relief and service projects in those communities. Learn more about Leadership International on their website.
- For our family to show and share Christ in Wales, which is a post-Christian culture.
- For our 4 children to love and follow Jesus.
- For wisdom, faith and provision as the Lord opens doors for Leadership International to provide Biblical leadership training around the world.
- Donate to the work of Bible translation, training centers, and relief efforts.
- Join their mailing list to receive regular updates.
- Consider going on a short-term trip to encourage and build up the church leaders they serve.

Gaskins Family with
North American Mission Board

After being raised up at Calvary for almost a decade, David and Sara moved to Utah in July of 2019 to explore what church planting might look like in the most unchurched state in America. In Oct of 2020 the Lord led them to plant Mosaic Church in Provo, UT. Provo is the most unchurched metropolitan area in North America; less than 0.5% of people profess to know Christ. The Lord is doing a mighty work through Mosaic Church as they are seeing men and women transformed by the Gospel of grace!
- For wisdom as we disciple our children in this culture.
- That the true Jesus would be non-ignorable to the surrounding Mormon culture.
- That the Lord would continue to give Sara and I opportunities to share the Gospel in Provo.
- Keep up to date with what God is doing by joining our Facebook Group and subscribing to our newsletter.
- Financially partner with us as we seek to make Jesus non-ignorable in Provo and to the ends of the earth!
- Consider bringing a group to come serve alongside us in Provo for a week; learn more about witnessing to Latter-day Saints; and gain a greater understanding of the joys and complications of ministry in Utah. Email David to discuss this further!

Mac Family in South Asia with
International Mission Board & Calvary Global

After living there before they had kids and waiting on God's timing in CO for 8 years, the Macs now live there full-time with their three kids. Join us in praying for a church planting movement to begin among Muslims in South Asia.
- For visas and opportunities to be in our country long term; it has been very difficult thus far.
- For us to speak the Gospel boldly and clearly in the local language.
- That we can disciple national leaders to share, disciple, and plant churches.
- Sign up for their email updates or to receive live prayer texts.
- Donate to financially support the ministry here. Designate to SA201.
- Pray about going on a short-term trip in the next 12-18 months.

Jessiah and Nathalie Bram


Mihalko Family with
World Venture

CJ & Mary work to reach Muslims in TN. They previously served in Panama where they shared the gospel with Muslim migrants and helped train the local church. TN now serves as their home base from which they can equip and mobilize churches in all of Latin America to reach Muslims and migrants in their own countries.
- That their family life and ministry would flow out of the Spirit of Jesus.
- For open doors in Muslim communities, that entire families would be saved.
- For God's grace on their kids as they struggle with online school.
- Sign up for their newsletter to stay in touch regularly.
- Support their work by giving HERE with code 4000-132-CJ & Mary.
- Consider how God wants to use you to reach Muslims and migrants in Denver. Contact the Go Global team for help and ideas.

Myeni Family with
Wetsembekile Ministries

Wetsembekile Ministries which works in Swaziland, a small country in southern Africa. Their ministry seeks to come alongside rural and impoverished communities to see churches becoming healthy and taking care of the physical, spiritual, and relational needs of their communities.
- Pray that the Lord would continue to lead & provide for Wetsembekile beyond what is humanly possible to reach Eswatini for Jesus.
- Pray for continued depth in our adult & children's discipleship ministries at our community centers.
- Pray for God to use Wetsembekile & remind Swazis of His faithfulness in the midst of ongoing political unrest & uncertainty in the country.
- Donate to financially support the ministry HERE.
- Sign up for their monthly newsletter to stay connected.
- Buy on Amazon Smile and choose Wetsembekile Ministries as the charity that benefits from your shopping.
- Learn about their Farm & Camp Initiative to employ, develop, disciple & lead local people.

Jessica Evans with
Pioneers & Calvary Global

After serving on staff at Calvary for 8.5 years, Jessica is moving to France in Spring 2023. She's joining a team whose mission is to make disciples among Muslim refugees and incorporate them into local churches.
- To grow in dependence on the Lord while preparing to move long-term
- For the gospel to work powerfully in the hearts of Muslims.
- For unity, friendship and health amongst our team.
- Click HERE to find contact info, sign up for email updates or real-time prayer requests, or join her financial support team.

The Wee Family in South Asia with
Calvary Global

Working to support the local church through leadership training, evangelism & outreach, and member care & support.
- For wisdom/discernment for which ministry opportunities to pursue.
- Protection over our family and kids as we pursue more ministry opportunities.
- More spiritual growth in each of us including our children as they are growing up and some entering their teen years.

North Littleton Promise

NLP builds life-giving relationships with immigrant kids and their families through faith, education, and leadership programs, seeking to transform the Northeast Littleton neighborhood through Christ
- For students to trust Jesus as their Savior and grow in their relationship with him.
- For moms participating in Bible study to grow in their understanding of the Gospel.
- For a growing, positive partnership between the schools, NLP and the community.
- Get involved through various volunteer opportunities. Learn more HERE.
- Give to support their ministry HERE.

Giving Heart Englewood

Giving Heart exists to see our community transformed in the name of Jesus Christ through impacting lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
- That each homeless person would trust God with all their needs and trust Jesus as Savior and King.
- For protection for the homeless in Englewood and beyond as they sleep on the streets.
- For more affordable housing to become available for those who are currently homeless.
Provide a meal on Tuesday or Thursday (you can do this with a group).
- Teach a workshop or class to equip homeless guests with life skills.
- Become a mentor to bring stability in someone's life.