Let us help you begin well.

Whether you’re checking out church for the first time or looking for a place to grow in Christ, Calvary will be a safe, welcoming church for you.

Get to Know Us

One of Calvary’s greatest values is knowing one another. If you are newer around our church we’d love to get to know you, and we want you to know us as well. One of our pastors would love to buy you lunch and hear your story.


Jesus calls each of his followers to make a public declaration of their faith by participating in baptism. At Calvary we believe that baptism is for those old enough to make a personal decision to trust Christ. If you are interested in getting baptized we offer classes for kids, youth, and adults several times a year in which we discuss baptism in greater detail. Baptisms are one of our favorite celebrations!

Covenant Membership

One of Calvary’s greatest convictions is that church membership should be meaningful. Therefore, we believe it is important to covenant together as a church family, so that we would be the type of church the Bible envisions. If you're a Christian ready to take this step of commitment, or if you simply want to know more about what this means, we’d love to talk more with you.