Meet our Deacons

Leadership in the local church is something God takes seriously, and so do we. We are a church that is led by our chief shepherd, Jesus Christ. We are guided by a plurality of pastor-elders who work in conjunction with our deacons. We are congregationally affirmed, and believe strongly in the priesthood of all believers. Please click below for more information about our teams!

Maurits Blok

Jason Boldt

Chris Bridgham

David Burkhart

Vince Carlson

Jeremy Clemons

Brent Corrigan

David Elliott

Mark Haning

Michael Hayes

Bill Jorgensen

Steve Krening

Chris Langer

Reed Larson

John Mendoza

Jim Noble

Anthony Pudewell

Brandon Shadakofsky

Scott Thistlethwaite

Stephen Verwers

Brad Williams